Biotech reading list and resources

This is a living document of useful books, newsletters and other resources that other more experienced people have shared with me or that I have found myself. Biostatistics and biotech to me initially felt very different from other domains and industries. Information is structured and stored in papers. There are review papers but there aren't as many high-level summary units that offer fast introductions to subdomains and topics in the field. I hope that this list will shorten the search for others who are in a similar position as I am/was.

Websites/News outlets

  • Stat
  • What is biotechnology: Website that explains core concepts and shares interesting biotech stories
  • More detailed website that explains core concepts of biology and bioinformatics. They also have their own courses under "Start here" > "All playlists"
  • List of open problems in single-cell biology
  • DREAM Challenges: Crowd-sourced challenges in biomedicine
  • Nature biotechnology Nature Biotechnology has a news section on their website that covers more sciency news, but is very interesting. NBT is probably the most interesting journal by the nature group for research that could turn into a biotech business.



  • The Code Breaker by Walter Isaacson: Tells the story of the invention of CRISPR, mostly from Jennifer Doudna's perspective, but also highlights many other smaller storylines. Very well written.
  • The Gene by Siddhartha Mukherjee: History of genetics starting with Mendel in the 19th century and leading up to the Human Genome Project and first methods for genetic therapy. I have read the book and strongly recommend it.
  • The Emperor of all Maladies: Similar as The Gene but for cancer. Mukherjee is well-known for this book originally than he is for the gene.
  • Deep Medicine by Eric Topol. Topol is a doctor and in his book takes a broad look of how machine learning is applied in different areas of medicine. It does not go into much technical detail and is more suited for you if you want to get a high-level overview of what's out there.
  • I contain multitudes by Ed Yong (Micro bacteria)
  • Regenesis by Ed Regis and George Church (Synthetic biology)
  • Hacking Darwin by Jamie Metzl (Genetic Engineering)


Cool papers

Textbooks and courses