Statistics and Machine Learning for Beginners

I often get asked how to get started with data science/machine learning. Here is a short list of resources that I commonly recommend.

Most importantly I would recommend finding an application that you have a personal use for. It doesn't need to be anything special. The fact that you have an idea of what it should do and look like means that you are less willing to compromise on features. It means that you will not just give up or settle for less when things get tricky. That's where you learn.

Recommended Path of Learning

  1. Sentdex's youtube playlist "Introduction to Python"
  2. Sentdex's videos on numpy and Pandas
  3. Read Introduction to Statistical Learning (you can skip the R tutorial sections)
  4. At least one of CS224n or CS231n and try to solve the exercises
  5. Learn Flask in order to make your work available to non-technical users
  6. Learn how to setup a server and a database on GCP

Recommended Resources

Youtube Videos


Link to Channel
Python Playlist
Practical Machine Learning with Python

Corey Schafer

Youtube Chanel
Python Tutorials Playlist
Python Object Oriented Programming Playlist
Flask Playlist

CS224n: CS224n: Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning

Link to Course website
Link to Youtube Lectures

CS231n: Convolutional Neural Networks for Visual Recognition

Link to Course website
Link to Youtube Lectures

Introduction to Statistical Learning

Book Website
Link to PDF

Python Machine Learning

Python Machine Learning - Third Edition

Statquest Youtube Channel (Youtube)

A great resource to sporadically find a simple explanation of something you're stuck with.
Youtube Channel

ThreeBlueBrown Linear Algebra Playlist (Youtube)

If you want to catch up the math required for machine learning
15 Videos
Youtube Playlist

Full Stack Deep learning (Website)

If you want to build a website

Other Resources

These are resources that I have not used myself but frequently heard to be quite good


Andrew Ng's deep learning course (Coursera)

Coursera Course Page