Quantum Computing


Quantum Computing for Everyone - Chris Bernhardt (book)

Great first to book to read to understand the intuition, most important concepts & algorithms and the basics of the math. Bernhardt simplifies the mathematical concepts a bit, but this doesn't means that the contents covered are simple. The book requires good knowledge of linear algebra, but while its good to follow the math initially you can skip the details if you're just interested in the intuition.

MIT 8.06 Quantum Physics III, Spring 2018 (course)

Ideally watch the first 4-5 lectures and take notes if this your start to a longer learning journey and you don't just care about learning the intuition. Don't worry if you don't understand everything as the course is designed for physics students. What I valued the most was the explanation of the quantum properties, knowing that no details are spared.

Q2B 2019 Videos

Many good videos, both for technical understanding, but especially also if you want to understand the market from a commercial perspective, trends and commercial applications. I enjoyed sprinkling these in after longer sessions of reading more theoretical books. Some videos can also be watched on the side, e.g. while cooking.

Quantum Mechanics: The theoretical minimum - Leonard Susskind

Explains the theoretical concepts and mathematical properties. The book starts very simple and gradually increases in complexity. Should be accessible to anybody who is new to the field. If you only want to read one book and don't have a mathematical background then I would read this one.

Life on the Edge - Johnjoe McFadden und Jim Al-Khalili

The book isn't about quantum computing but instead about quantum mechanical properties in nature. Not suitable if you're goal is to learn about quantum computing, but I found it fascinating and very motivating to read on the side. You could also listen to it as an audiobook.

Quantum Computing Report (News and newsletter)

Great source for news on quantum computing. Also have a good newsletter.

All articles by MIT Technology Review

These are a great place to get started in a short time and also to stay up to date about current news.
Some articles I like:
Explainer: What is a quantum computer?
Inside the race to build the best quantum computer on Earth
Quantum Supremacy
Here’s what quantum supremacy does—and doesn’t—mean for computing

MIT Tech Review's general subpage on Quantum Computing